Saturday, September 27, 2008

Politicians on Digg

It occurs to me the incidence of popular political figures on is kind of suggestive of what appetite there is for action by politicians. Yes Obama is huge on Digg and has been for some time. There have been pro-Obama links coming up since the beginning of his battle with Hillary. However the other figures popping up are less obvious. Dodd occasionally around telecom immunity - and that much is predictable given the tech bent of Digg. However, it also goes for the types who by mainstream would be considered fringe - i.e. developing Gravel campaign. But these same fringe types, like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, represent something else I conjecture: a desire, maybe even desparation, for clear thinking, firm but logical positions, and generally people speaking truth to power.

Why this isn't in sync with those getting elected to congress generally? Money I presume.

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